Facility Manager MAPS

Did You Know That Ineffective, Out-Of-Date Facility Management Processes Could Be Costing Your Organization Millions Of Rands A Year?

Advanced Planning Technologies, Inc. has created an Administrative and Facility Management system by combining two main systems into one, a data base and intelligent CAD floor plans. It is the first ever Internet CAD software integrated with a PostgresSQL database: Facility Manager MAPS™.

Facility Manager MAPS™ is the first internet-based organizational and facility management system designed and developed as a tool that can be used by any department, administrator, contractor, emergency response personnel, etc., in and outside of an organization. Users can track everything from a campus/site plan to employees, physical assets, non-physical concepts like radon or asbestos, space planning and capacity/occupancy, emergency procedures and mechanical systems.

We have created a facility and administrative management system that lets users import existing CAD and/or draw a facility, then use this base drawing and the integrated database to manage and communicate administrative and facility management needs worldwide via client defined user access privileges.

Drag and drop assets from a photo realistic image library to populate the facility with actual pictures that are recognizable by everyone in the organization! Pictures and drawing elements have attached data or links to other databases in your network.

A user friendly database allows access to relational tables for all the Administrative and Facility information needs and is presented in a spreadsheet format for easy manipulation and export.




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