State Regulatory Compliance

Tracking your regulatory compliance is easy with Facility Manager MAPS™. With the ability to tie you database directly to your facility’s drawings you can visually see areas of concern. You can also store historical compliance reports for instant access.

Facility Manager MAPS™ has the import capability to take all your compliance data either from your database or your Environmental Firm’s electronic reports and import all the issues into their proper rooms/areas of the building based off an ID or room number. All the representative icons are placed in the room along with all the associated data for a particular issue, item or both. Example 10,000 lines of information is imported and placed within a matter of a few minutes.

Asbestos Compliance and Tracking

Asbestos surveillance activities can be tracked across multiple facilities. The Floor Plan will graphically indicate areas that contain asbestos. Database information, such as inspection dates, assessment information and test results can be used to generate reports required by decision-makers. The graphical presentation of the Floor Plan allows contractors to quickly determine the affected areas when planning for renovations or repairs.



Radon Tracking

Radon can be a silent killer, tracking radon levels is very important for the health and safety of a building’s occupants. Facility Manager MAPS™ can visually show you what areas you need to be concerned with and also track the radon history of your buildings.

Instead of sifting through numerous 3-ring binders and possibly missing critical information, import the information and let Facility Manager MAPS™ show you the critical areas in a building all at a simple glance.



Disabilities Act Compliance

Allows users to track the accessibility status of a facility according to federal standards established by the Disabilities Act. Icons will allow users to track the location of deficiencies, the projected cost of compliance and progress to date. Users can easily identify pathways for access and travel, and determine their compliance with the regulations in all areas of the facility. Areas can be tracked from noncompliance, through the recommendations, scheduling and completion steps.

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