SAPOA Rentable Areas

Facility Manager MAPS™  is the only application on the South African market whereby you can update/ammend or change your SAPOA Area on your floor plans with the click of your mouse. Facility Manager MAPS™ makes it possible for your Portfolio Manager, Building manager and/or administration staff to do all the changes you need to keep your entire porfolio up to date. Because it is database driven it does all the calculations for you of all the Common Areas (Remote, Primary, Secondary Areas). When the building is setup in Facility Manager MAPS™ we certify the total GLA (Gross Lettable Area) and the system will always cross reference the areas to the total GLA, ensuring that all measurements are always correct.

This Method is recommended for use In both existing and new buildings. SAPOA urges all its members and others connected with the property industry to use the Method to measure rentable area, in the interest of achieving national uniformity. (What is SAPOA?)


With the Facility Manager MAPS™ you will see exactly how the floor was measure out. This will eliminate any discrepancies and/or misunderstanding on tenant’s lettable areas. All of this information can be viewed by the Landlord, Agent, Tenants and Supplier at the same time.

All the floors of the building can be view at the same time. This is very helpful when one tenant is occupying multiple floors. With Facility Manager MAPS™‘s colour coding you can track tenants quickly and easy across multiple floors.

Because Facility Manager MAPS™ is Database Driven, you can select the premises you need and instantly get all the SAPOA measurement areas. If you change the premises all the other information is updated in the database table automatically. We have created a drop-down menu for all the different rentable areas. To get to know the full potential of Facility Manager MAPS™  please Contact Us for a complete life demonstration on the SAPOA method of Measurement and how it can benefit you and increase your rental income and add value to your property.