Floor Plans

Facility Manager MAPS™ easy to read Floor Plans allow users to communicate with and provide contractors, inspectors, underwriters, new employees and even visitors with an area, floor or an enterprise-wide map. These plans will permit them to navigate through your facility quickly and easily, creating a helpful and organized atmosphere.

As part of Facility Manager MAPS™ base system, our staff organizes and accurately re-draws your facility plans into the system and provides the INTERACTIVE floor plans that your organization needs to start a successful management system. Information now can be entered and queried into all elements.

Floor plans are the key element to the Facility Manager MAPS™ system.

They provide for the core property, planning, control and compliance issues faced by facility managers: Facility issues (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Maintenance, Space Inventories), Health & Safety (Air Quality, Asbestos, Lead, Security, Fire Safety), Compliance (OSHA, ADA), Asset control (Furniture, Computers, Telecommunications) and Support Services.


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