Emergency Preparedness

Building Evacuation Plans are difficult to organize and maintain without a good visual analysis of set evacuation routes. Written evacuation plans cannot identify areas of possible congestion, floor plan changes or missed information such as stairs to the handicap or other structural barriers that may impede a route for evacuation. With Facility Manager MAPS™; planning, organizing and maintaining accurate structural plans and routing is accomplished in real time. It is very easy for administration and fire safety personnel to review emergency plans through Facility Manager MAPS™ and it can also be viewed while on route to an emergency in their vehicles.


Fire Alarm Zones

Annunciator panels identify a zone that an alarm is going off in, but doesn’t graphically identify where that zone is in relation to your building. With Facility Manager MAPS™, these zone maps can be maintained and copies can be placed next to the annuciator panels for quick and easy reference. They can also be brought up and identified while the emergency vehicles are on route to the scene allowing the responders to immediately go straight to that area/zone of the building. Time is of the essence in any emergency.



Emergency Shutoffs

Emergency shutoffs are easily located within Facility Manager MAPS™. You are able to pull up detail diagrams, pictures and even videos to show exactly where emergency vales are located and instructions for shutting them off or turning them on.

When time is of the essence to save building property, you need to know exactly where shutoffs are, what they turn on/off and how or in what order should items be shut down or turned on. All too often equipment has been shut down or turned on improperly, causing damage to equipment, injury to personnel and in some cases fatalities.




Medical Equipment and First Aid Locations

Being able to locate emergency equipment when needed can be life saving. With Facility Manager MAPS™ equipment can be mapped out and also printed for posting so that it can easily be found in case of an emergency. Also, tracking and maintaining accurate records of inspections and documentation for each of these items become a seamless task.




Emergency Shelters Areas & Routes

With Facility Manager MAPS™, safe harbor areas become a simple task. By identifying which rooms/areas of your building are considered to be an area of safety, Facility Manager MAPS™ can automatically colour these areas and calculate the actual emergency capacity of each room. This in turn provides accurate reporting of each safe harbor area and its use-able capacity for the entire building in comparison to the building’s overall occupancy.



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