Facility Manager WORKS

Facility Manager WORKS™ is a completely customizable Work Order / Preventive Maintenance / Inventory System. Facility Manager WORKS™ can be run as a standalone internet based CMMS system or can be integrated with Facility Manager MAPS™ giving you the power and flexibility of a full CAFM and CMMS program all in one seamless application.

It doesn’t matter if you are working with facilities of 10,000 s/f or 10 mil+ s/f, Facility Manager WORKS™ is designed to give you the flexibility to determine how much detail you want or need to track.

Because it is completely customizable, Facility Manager WORKS™ can be set up for multiple departments to use. Different task routs can be set up so that an IT requests go to the the IT department, Maintenance Request to Maintenance, Grounds Request to Grounds, HR requests go to HR and so forth.


Our philosophy is to have Facility Manager WORKS™ conform to the the way your organization is structured and not the other way around.