Facility Manager MAPS™ and/or WORKS™ can be used by Corporate Real Estate Professionals, Educational Institutions, Healthcare, Hostpitaly, Government, Technology and Utilities. The industry trends involves a model based approached in creating, maintaining and utilizing building information to effectively manage operations and maintenance of a building or portfolio of buildings throughout their operational life.   

Corporate Real Estate Professionals

  • Corporate Real Estate Professionals understand that CRE is one of the top cost drivers in their organizations. Facility Manager MAPS™ and/or WORKS™ software provides customers with an easy-to-use tool to address a broad range of management services, including reducing occupancy costs, containing maintenance costs, improving space utilization and managing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Facility Manager MAPS™ is the only CAD software model in South Africa that can keep your SAPOA m² areas up to date with out spending a lot time on site or paying unnecessary professional fees. 

Educational Institutions

  • Facility Manager MAPS™ and/or WORKS™ can provide Schools and Universities with products to streamline space utilization reports to ensure appropriate state funding. Whether our client’s needs to manage accurate and defensible space utilization data for Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) or provide one-click reporting on space and physical assets they can rest assured knowing that Facility Manager MAPS™ and/or WORKS™ gives them the power, ease of use and control they need to get their jobs done.


  • Facility Manager MAPS™ and/or WORKS™  helps healthcare to streamline their facility management process by creating a more controlled space plan.Financial challenges including increased competition, compliance with healthcare reform requirements and quality of patient care and safety are top of mind concerns for all healthcare facilities executives. Maintaining high quality medical facilities while minimizing operating costs is imperative in today’s high paced healthcare environment.


  • Although owners and operators of luxury hotels, Game Farms and Guesthouses understand the importance of continual renovation and refurbishment in order to meet customer expectations and competitive pressures, there can be a lack of strategic planning with regard to Facilities Management in hospitality. Facility Manager MAPS™ and/or WORKS™ will help to improve the operational efficiency of the hotel and/or guesthouse that will lead to an increase in both productivity and long-term savings in operational expenses


  • With Facility Manager MAPS™ and/or WORKS™ government can manage, share and prove the effectiveness of their initiatives towards improved operational, environmental and financial real estate performance goals. Increased accountability due to government mandates has created the need for facilities professions to provide insight into the effective management of government real property assets through their entire life cycle. Requirements for improved operational, environmental and financial performance of government facilities are also at an all-time high.


  • The second largest cost companies incur on a yearly basis is their facilities. Facility Manager MAPS™ and/or WORKS™ can provide technology companies with a wide range of solutions that can help them manage any type of facilities related processes ranging from the coordination of moving employees to managing the work orders that keep the building operational.


  • Companies can reduce their energy expenses and improve their returns on real estate and facilities assets with Facility Manager MAPS™ and/or WORKS™Office space and equipment often represent the second or third largest expense to energy and utility clients. By providing easy to use tools to better understand the utilization and allocation of space companies are able to improve occupancy rates and space utilization with detailed space inventories, accurate occupancy data, and manage to facilities benchmarks.