About APT Inc

Advance Planning Technologies Mission

Our mission is to provide an affordable, intuitive and comprehensive internet based system that manages and communicates all the organizational and facility information to every occupant, service provider, manager and emergency personnel that the organization services and works with, in one simple application.

Facility Manager MAPS™ is an internet based facility and administrative management system that combines the power of a full database/GIS into a CAD floor plan.  This creates an “Interactive Floor Plan of all of your district buildings with easy to understand picture icons.  No more spending hours or days searching for information or documents or generating reports.  Everything can be stored in one centralized location.  Being database driven, querying information can be from pulled on a single building or on all your buildings saving time and resources.

Facility Manager WORKS™ is an internet based Work Order/ Preventive Maintenance / Asset-Inventory Management program designed for any size enterprise.   Facility Manager WORKS™ can be integrated directly with our Facility Manager MAPS™ program or as a stand-alone program.  Both Facility Manager MAPS™and Facility Manager WORKS™ come with an Unlimited User License.